Blanket for Olivia

I have a beautiful new niece. She's in Manhattan so I haven't been able to snuggle her in person yet but my brother and his wife have been sending us photos, in which she is so gorgeous I can almost smell her newborn smell and feel her whisper soft hair against my cheek. 

Making and sending things to New York is probably sending my clutterphobe brother nuts but it's therapeutic for me to send practical things in lieu of actually being able to do any practical things, like hold the baby while they pee, or clean the loo, make tea or any of the myriad of other things that become infinitely more complicated when a baby is in the mix. 

So here is Olivia's blanket. I used this pattern loosely. I say loosely because I followed it incorrectly but I was consistent in my mistake and it still came out OK.  I used a finer yarn than suggested and adjusted the number of stitches and rows into what I guestimated might be a good size for a baby blanket - not too big and bulky, not comedy small.  I used Wendy Merino DK in pinky and purple shades with some cream too. Love this yarn, soft but hopefully hard wearing.

With the leftover cream yarn I made a little pair of simple booties. I did consider putting a ribbon or button onto them but to be honest I love them just plain and simple. I am beyond delighted that Olivia Ida is safely here and my brother and sister in law have a little bundle to wrap up.


blanket 1.jpg
blanket 2.jpg
blanket 3.jpg