Weekend nibbles

I had the chance to do some cooking this weekend, mostly without any 'help' from B and G. I used recipes from a Donna Hay book I've had for ages. I love that there are pictures to copy how the food looks and the ingredient lists are very short. Is there anything more off putting than a really long ingredient list? 

For starter I made a salad with rocket dressed in balsamic vinegar, goats cheese, red apple and a parmesan crisp. Which sounds and looked fancy but is literally just a little mound of grated parmesan which is melted in the oven and then allowed to go crispy. The combination of cheese and apple is always a winner here. 



For main course, I meant to buy fish but ended up with chicken. Don't ask. It turned out well so that's good. Green beans tossed in butter and black pepper topped with pan fried chicken breast with capers, chilli and garlic.


And pudding was a strawberry shortcake. It tasted delicious but looked like the proverbial dogs dinner so no photos. Imagine crisp shortbread topped with soft strawberries and mascarpone. And now imagine how much pudding Grier was wearing. Nope a little more than that. 

And this was inspired by my friend Elizabeth from work, well her Mum really. Her parents live in France for 6 months of the year, which is my dream, heck is that not everyone's dream? Rose wine with grapefruit  juice (I've just wasted so much time trying to get an accent on that e, but it's not happening, so just pretend it's there ok?). I took the liberty of first dipping the glass rims in rosewater and dipping in caster sugar and using pink grapefruit juice, I hope that's ok Mrs Close. Anyway excellent call, this is truly a summery, sunshiny drink, even in the drizzle.