Train Table

I've been on the hunt for a train table since Brodie first started playing with trains. We constantly had tracks going from room to room and it never bothered me having his 'stuff' everywhere but in the last few months I've stood on a few crucial pieces and broken them so we had to find a solution so I didn't Godzilla any more of his prized possessions. 

Train tables are expensive. We swithered about using funds saved for other things to buy one just to solve our train problems and I had pinned various tutorials about how to make a cheap version with Ikea furniture, but I was unsure how well that would stand up to constant use.

A few weeks ago we went here  after I'd read about the superstore in a newspaper supplement looking for a piece of furniture to use as a tv stand. We found a cool tv stand which I like to think has a touch of mid century modern but is probably 70's. Whatevs it's still cool.

And we found a train table! It is huge, sturdy as a rock, on lockable castors and was in great condition. It has a shelf underneath for storage, keeps everything off the floor and safe from clumsy adults and is moveable whenever we want to move it. I gave it a clean and we quickly set up a  track and it's been in constant use ever since. One of my best buys ever for £35.  

Grier has started playing more and more with the trains as a result of being able to get close in on the action, both kids can play with it at the same time and we never have to dismantle a track, we can just push the table up against the wall to make more room. 

And as a bonus our purchases have helped disadvantaged people throughout Scotland. Can't say fairer than that. 



trains 2.jpg