Remember when I went to the Fife Baby and Toddler show with the Wee Green Mummy aka Heather? 

Nearly every adult who stopped by our stall was unable to stop themselves picking up a taggie to feel it's supersoft loveliness. I'm not one to judge, I'm well known for my love of tactile fabric and may have once or twice been caught rubbing velour or minky scraps on my cheek 'to get a better feel' ahem. 


So in the interests of welcoming new visitors to the blog - welcome! - I thought I'd giveaway a handmade taggie of the winners choice. It can be for your baby, a friend's baby, a baby someone might possibly have in the future or heck you can keep it for yourself. This is a non-judgemental space after all. If you win just let me know what colours you'd like - boy, girl, gender neutral or perhaps to co-ordinate with your living room? 


All I need you to do is leave a comment here on the blog before 9pm on Sunday July 7th.

You can also enter by liking the blog on facebook and leaving a comment there. You can find a link to the facebook page below, just click on the button!

taggie 2.jpg

Taggie giveaway starts 9am on the 2nd July 2013 and winner announced by 10pm on the 7th July 2013