Garden Peek

The last few weeks have been kind to the garden. Everything takes a bit longer to get going here in Scotland, we are late bloomers so to speak. But thanks to this burst of sunshine and high temperatures there are peeks of what is to come everywhere. I'm so excited for the kids to try some of the peas and the gooseberries are deliciously blush. 


garden 1.jpg

plumping up nicely

garden 2.jpg


garden 3.jpg

i have no idea, but pretty no? 

garden 4.jpg

grow my pretties, grow

garden 5.jpg

i'm not sure cucumbers are meant to be spiky.... 

garden 6.jpg

the bees love these little fellas

garden 7.jpg

blushing gooseberries

garden 8.jpg

royal wedding rose to welcome the royal baby - anytime you like little one