This Life

This week has been, um, challenging.  The weather has been lovely, the kids have been lovely but the daily grind has been grinding. I haven't had much time or energy for making things. And making things is like my fuel for life. It's a catch 22. no 'me' time because there's so much else to do, means no energy or enthusiasm for the stuff that needs done. On to the next, I say.

this life 3.1.jpg
this life 3.2.jpg

taking turns for books from great granda

this life 3.3.jpg
this life 3.4.jpg
this life 3.5.jpg
this life 3.6.jpg
this life 3.7.jpg

time spent in aberdeen with the best Fake Aunties TM in the world

this life 3.8.jpg

tatties from the garden

this life 3.10.jpg


this life 3.11.jpg

playing 'zombies' 

this life 3.12.jpg

blushing gooseberries from the garden made into a fool, fool

this life 3.13.jpg

sweetpeas from the garden smell divine