Hands Up

Back in the mists of time, when I first started pinning all the things ever, I pinned a family set of handprints  and filed it under - easy, peasy to do oneself - I'M TOTALLY DOING IT. But one day I found a kit which had everything I needed, and I'm nothing if not lazy so I snapped it up, painted the hands of my nearest or dearest, took their prints and hung them on the wall. Boom.

hands 1.jpg

What I didn't bank on was cringing every time I opened the front door and saw the handprints because they were so bright . The colours offended me - I felt like I was in a primary school classroom - and trust me I know what they look like. So I did the only reasonable thing - I painted all the canvases grey. Ah that's better. When in doubt paint things grey. This piece of wisdom might be why 4 rooms in my house are currently painted grey.

And because I'm a hoarder of epic proportions I still had a grey tester pot to use and I had saved the left over white paint from the original kit to make the prints with. So I printed all the hands again - I have to say Grier's is not great. She was not a fan but you know the print has captured her - ahem - spirit. 

hands 3.jpg
hands 2.jpg
hands 4.jpg
My family are great - they do all the stuff I ask them to. Then they do it all again when I change my mind. Love you guys!