Remember two weeks ago I was all misty eyed at the promising bounty the garden held? Well that was before the thunderstorms left me with a swamp. All my flowers are mudspattered, the few that haven't been pummelled to the ground that is. Weather is a cruel foe to the happy gardener. Bah.

Brodie and I headed out to take some photos. I snapped these ones whilst teeny, tiny raindrops fell around us and we headed inside just before stormy skies let loose.

I'm still holding out hope for pumpkins, carrots and beetroot. No red tomatoes yet but I'm almost tempted to eat a green one in anticipation of their deliciousness (actual word?) 


garden 9.jpg

poor muddy sweatpeas

garden 10.jpg

my resurrected lemon tree. i can take no credit in bringing it back to life. fickle

garden 11.jpg

hardy hydrangea

garden 12.jpg

gooseberries, rasps, peas, probably to be eaten with a little dirt still on.

garden 13.jpg

less muddy sweetpeas

garden 14.jpg

people were v interested in spikey cucumbers last time. they stay spikey even when big enough to harvest and taste good.  enough said.

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