A whole year of BellaBoo

Grier will be 2 years old in a matter of weeks.  

book 2.jpg

It's probably about time I got around to creating her first year book then no? I actually did the bulk of it before her first birthday, honest. Most of the photos I used in her first birthday slideshow see here.

Thanks to a combination of proscratination and er laziness it's taken me until now to order it. I got it from Blurb  after seeing creations made by other bloggers. I was not disappointed with the quality. It's beautifully made.

I was however disappointed with my lack of proof reading skillz - some random page numbers appear which I'm SURE I deleted before approving the layout but obviously not.

Also some of the photos are not good quality - no printing fault just bad pictures taken by me. I think most of these were taken before I started shooting in manual. However memories are still incredibly precious despite the poor photography. 

I plumped for a very simple layout - there are literally thousands of options available - just one photo per page and the week in her life when it was taken. Her baby book has lots of her 'firsts' recorded so I just wanted this to be a visual reminder of the phenomenal growth from newborn to first birthday. 

So there you have it, week by week, the first year of our girl's life. 


book 3.jpg
book 5.jpg
book 4.jpg
book 1.jpg