This is the most boring cardigan ever. I chose it from this book I've had for a while thinking it would be quick and easy to knit as a little summer cover up for Grier. I knew when I'd knitted only 20 or so rows it was going to be boring, I even said so on facebook. I should have quit then and moved onto something else.

I dutifully carried on though and to be fair it turned out well. There were only a few seams to be sewn up which was a bonus. I probably should have altered the pattern myself to jazz it up a  bit but I wasn't confident and didn't want to mess it up after weeks of knitting. 

I love the grosgrain ribbon tie - it's not boring. 

I think the take home lesson here is that I can now call myself and intermediate knitter I'm no longer a complete beginner! Result. 


cardigan 1.jpg
cardigan 4.jpg
cardigan 3.jpg