Octonauts, to your stations!

If you've had a conversation with Brodie in the last couple of months there's a good chance you'll have been asked to get to the launch bay or activate your helmet. He's casually, okay completely obsessed with the telly programme Octonauts.  When Greig heard of the chance to attend the press lanch of the Octonauts event at SeaLife Loch Lomond we knew Brodie and Grier would love it. Greig couldn't come with us but Granny agreed to be my wing woman and we loaded up the Gup X (car) with kelp cakes (snacks) and headed off to explore, rescue and protect.

We didn't let the kids in on the secret until we entered the aquarium and Brodie was delighted to hear the Octonauts theme playing as we made our way in. The kids were given Octonauts hats to wear and we met Peso and Kwaazi, two of Brodie's favourite characters.   We've actually been to the aquarium before and Brodie enjoyed it but this time he was enthralled. He knows so much about and is completely fascinated with sea creatures so he pointed them all out and enthusiastically touched a spider crab and anenome. Grier was enthusiastic about touching too, luckily Granny had a good hold!

Seeing Octonauts playing on the big screen was a big moment for him and the only rough patch was when I explained that the Octonuats wouldn't always be at Loch Lomond - they have to get back to being sea rangers in the ocean after all - and Brodie burst into tears as we rode in the lift. Thank you Sealife Loch Lomond, we returned home with two very happy, very tired children. 3 days later Brodie is still wearing his 'I met Peso' sticker..........


octonauts 1.jpg
octonauts 2.jpg
octonauts 3.jpg
octonauts 4.jpg

I can also confirm, one sweet little munchkin whose name rhymes with dear, was indeed filling the wells in the car seats intended to hold drinks with drinks and was flicking liquid at her brother as we made our way home along the M8. Absolutely outrageous behaviour.