Scots Lessons

I'm doing my best to teach my children about their heritage. First have a countryman win a tennis Grand Slam wait, no, that doesn't happen every day does it? And what about this weather eh? This weather is providing some braw teaching experiences.  

This kind of high pressure system requires that the average Scot wander around in a 'I can't believe this is actually happening' kind of way. A bit like when we had that month of snow in 2010. We can't believe we have weather of note rather than endless days of drizzle. 

Not that we hang around for long. No, we Scots are experts in 'making the most' of the sunshine - strip to near nakedness, shun sun protection, bake 'til you're crispy. Repeat as long as weather allows.  

I'm a bit confused this week though - a whole week (and beyond!) of hot weather means I might have to buy  more  suncream. I also tried to buy a pair of shorts yesterday, but all the mum shorts were gone - only bum skimming hotpants were left and I'm not sure any amount of mind addling sunshine would detract from those.  I'll have to settle for dressing Brodie in a vest, hanky tied round his head and bottle of ginger in his back pocket (just kidding grandparents, children will be properly attired and sunblocked at all times).  Enjoy!