Last week we went on holiday to the land of phoneboxes and tiny pavements. Or the Lake District if you prefer.  

It was our first holiday during school holidays and with Brodie starting nursery school next week it was an eye opener for us. This is the shape of things to come huh? 

If you're going to the Lakes with young children during school holidays there are a few places we would recommend. Firstly if you are a fan of peace and quiet don't even think about staying in Windermere, Keswick or Kendal themselves, they were crazycakes busy. We stayed here in the town of Appleby. The barn was spacious and amazingly well equipped and incredibly peaceful. Which was a relief after the hustle and bustle during the day.

We went to The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction  which was disappointing. It was busy and geared to - dare I say it, adults? There wasn't much to engage the kids and we were in an out in half an hour. If you're a Beatix fan try here instead, Brodie loved it. Of course it's in Perthshire not the Lake District so that's not great. We did this steam train attraction which went down well, what's not to like about steam trains? We also had a ride on this narrow guage railway which I thought was brilliant, although didn't last long. The museum and mine weren't really appropriate for little ones though. This was the boat trip we took which Brodie and Grier really liked, unexpectedly? I thought they'd be bored, but what do I know? Not much as it turned out. We visited two aquariums which both kids enjoyed wholeheartedly. This one is less fancy with very friendly staff, mini golf and a great park and cafe. This one is more fancy and you get off the steam train ride here so it's very busy but Brodie went around the whole thing three times which is a sound endorsement.

We (I) really wanted to go to the Pencil Museum  but we didn't have time. My other big suggestion would be this place, the Rheged centre. It was awesome. Lovely shops and food and the kids would have stayed in the outdoor play area, maybe forever?

Personally I fell in love with this shop, Temporary Measure . It was like it was made for me, just beautiful. I even managed to tune out my shouty children marching up and down the pavement outside wailing 'Where are you Mummy? Where are yooooouuuuuu?'. (Thanks Greig, I owe you).

What really makes a holiday though is seeing the delight on your littles faces as they discover a world of new. Well that and their delight in not bathing for several  days. And cumberland sausages and meringues as big as your head.

holiday 3.jpg
holiday 2.jpg
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the lady who owns the barn we stayed in left some vintage toys for the kids to play with and homebaking, nice right?

holiday 5.jpg

(very) early morning bike rides

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