Dear sweet BellaBoo, Grierabelle, Monkey Midden, Grier the Fierce,

You are such a big person in a little body. Your personality and potential are dizzyingly expansive. 

Raising you is a battle against time, trying to teach you, show you everything I would like you to know. To fill you with enough love to keep you going for the rest of your life. My heart feels like it may burst with all the love you inspire.

You are nearly 2. Two years old. 2 years new. 

You are sweet and wilful. You are quiet and loud. You are busy and peaceful. You are laidback and intense. You are miraculous.

And apparently gender specific toy preferences might not be a result of socialisation after all.  Pink, spangly girl who loves dolls and chats sweetly with bumblebees and spiders and who accessorises with glee. You appear to be the most girly of girls, but just in case Daddy and I will keep our minds open so hopefully you can too. 

Your brother loves you as wide as the ocean, and is remarkably patient with you. Well, as much as the inner psychological workings of a four year old will allow.

As your Mum, I'm conflicted with the speed at which your toddlerhood is passing and the tingly excitement of waiting to see all you will become and the places you will go. 

Live brave little girl. You are magic. 


Grier 2.jpg