Much to the amusement of the farming family whose land we stayed on, I dressed the kids in white and attempted to take some 'real' photos of them. I wanted to try my hand at a proper shoot.

And now I know why people pay professionals a lot of money to do just that. Getting my own offspring to cooperate was about as fun as herding cats. I can't imagine how stressful it would be if someone had paid you real money to do it and was expecting quality results. 

I did get some photos I like. Technically imperfect as always but I think some of these are keepers, and might actually made it to be printed and hung on a wall. Result. 


shoot 1.jpg
shoot 2.jpg
shoot 3.jpg
shoot 4.jpg
shoot 5.jpg
shoot 6.jpg
shoot 7.jpg
shoot 8.jpg
shoot 9.jpg
shoot 10.jpg