First Day

We walked together hand in hand towards the nursery. There were a few other little ones making their way through the gates so we followed them. Brodie changed his shoes for his gym rubbers like we had practised at home. I helped him find his peg - his symbol is an ice lolly - and he hung his own jacket on the peg using his hood like we've practised at home. We made our way into a classroom filled with tiny furniture and Brodie politely greeted everyone who said hello, like we've practised at home.

He gripped my hand tightly as we walked around observing what the other children, mostly 'old timers', were doing. He stopped at a play table with helicopters and played for a while, always keeping one eye out to make sure I was nearby. Suddenly he darted off and scaled the climbing structure and wooshed down the chute with a grin. 

'I think', he thought, 'nursery is going to be OK. '

He played with other toys, mostly construction. Sorted out a little tussle over a train by standing his ground. Chatted with the adults. Played side by side with other children. Went to the toilet alone, had a snack, washed his dishes and announced when it was time to go that he would really rather stay. 

The teacher waved us off with a promise of digging in the mud tomorrow and Brodie's deep admiration of a sunflower taller than he is. 

As we walked home through the drizzle, Brodie told me that he was looking forward to coming back to nursery tomorrow because there was absolutely nothing to be worried about. 

I kind of feel like we've scaled a mountain. We are brave, we are courageous, we are exhausted, we are looking forward to the next. 


first day collage.jpg
first day 3.jpg