This Life

this week, we have mostly been on holiday, and playing with my new camera hence the many, many photographs, with many more to come. 

this life 2.1.jpg

the ferry before we left

this life 2.2.jpg

gooseberry cheesecake for dad and grandad's birthdays

this life 2.3.jpg

here is the lens cap for your noo camra

this life 2.4.jpg

luxurious holiday baths

this life 2.5.jpg

barn beams

this life 2.6.jpg

many parks

this life 2.7.jpg

steam engine

this life 2.8.jpg

boy in train heaven

this life 2.9.jpg

staying on a farm means rusty stuff to mess about on

this life 2.10.jpg


this life 2.11.jpg

needs a bag wherever she goes

this life 2.12.jpg

more barn

this life 2.13.jpg

cameron concentration tongue