A week to think

I haven't logged into the blog for a week now. It was a conscious decision, prompted by some uncomfortable feelings.  

I wonder if by sharing so much of our lives here I'm doing the right thing. This place is where I record what happens and often includes pictures and stories of the children and most of the time I feel fine about that. The world they will likely grow up to live in will not resemble our world. Will it matter to them that this space is here?  

Do I have the right to do this and share this with both people we kno w in real life and internet friends and visitors?  I'm still not sure how I feel about that.

I have to be honest too, in that making an attempt to grow the blog's audience I was consciously making an effort to generate more traffic. Sorry if you are offended at being called 'traffic',. You, lovely readers, are very important to Tea is the Answer. 

In the last few months I've been writing more posts and also spending much more time on twitter, facebook and linking to other blogs. It's interesting that this week the blog numbers have plummeted with no new content and no social media interaction. For the blog to be a success in terms of readership I have to invest that time and that means less time making stuff.

I'd like to say that my internet break has resulted in a spotless house and up to date laundry but that would be a lie. I have however watched more tv, watched a movie and nearly read a book in a week which is unheard of for me these days. I've also watched this about eleventy billion times - love that song. Love it.

Any thoughts? As an adult how do you think you might have felt if a parent had blogged your childhood? Should I just stop blogging and knit my little heart out?