Baby Olivia

Baby Olivia has been incredibly busy. First she went to visit her Auntie Em, don't worry you're not in Kansas Baby O, you live in Manhattan. She had fun at Torrisdale before heading to Broxburn on her way to stay with Auntie Sarah. Auntietastic. You do have Uncles as well Baby Olivia, it's just they squeal less and don't make you silly hats to wear. Oh and Grandads who turn up to steal snuggles and make you laugh until you get hiccups. 

You were completely Zen Baby Olivia, transatlantic travel and noisy cousins are no match for your inner calm. 

Your cousins think you are the best. Grier repeatedly trying to bust in on your nap time to 'see baybee Owivia' might have told you that. Or Brodie's many gentle kisses. 

I can tell you many stories about your Daddy Olivia. Like the time I followed him into a shed and a beam fell on my head and I had concussion which he neglected to mention to anyone. Or how his nicknames for me were Nobby or S#'t for Brains depending on how annyoing I was being. Or how he let me sleep in his bed beside him when I had nightmares. 

Please come back soon. 

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