Eat my Cake

For baby Olivia's visit it was imperative I made good cake. I mean she couldn't actually eat any of it yet but as I want to be considered the official Auntie of Cake I thought I'd better make a good impression. And my brother and sister in law had come all the way from America so I suppose they deserved cake too.

I bought this book 'Boutique Baking' by Peggy Porschen  a while ago and have occasionally thumbed through it swooning at the photographs whilst eschewing the recipes as too grand for everyday.

But now I had the perfect occasion to try one out. Brodie as my creative director advised I begin with 'White Chocolate Passion Cake' so I did. Now this is book is a faff. There's no other way to put it. It's faffy. But then you get out what you put in in life I always say and if you're prepared to faff you'll get a good cake. 


cake 2.jpg

The sponge contains white chocolate and was light and fluffy no doubt. It's a three layer sandwich cake which always looks good when you cut into it. Now my first problem was tracking down passion fruit jam. Good one Peggy, you try and find that outside of London and if you do I'll eat my hat.

So we had to go with raspberry conserve instead. That was no hardship - white chocolate and raspberries are an inspired combination no? Also the addition of raspberries helped with decorating difficulties - coming up. 

The white chocolate ganache buttercream was as good as it sounds. But it was very scant. And I didn't even eat that much before I started icing the cake. There was certainly none left over to pipe any decorations with (phew). So Grier and I settled for throwing raspberries, bluberries and strawberries at it to see how many would stick or roll down the sides.

Greig described it's appearance as 'rustic'. Thank you husband. But I like to think that the addition of fruit hints at healthiness even when adorning chocolate cake with chocolate icing. 

cake 1.jpg

You can actually find the recipe reproduced here if you want to make some. Or just make some icing to eat with a spoon, whatever.