Auld Acquaintance

Hogmanay is friends and food and children tucked up tight.



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So we pushed the boat out and went with lobster (pun intended). All credit to Greig because he wielded the biggest, sharpest knife we have and produced perfectly portioned crustacean.

We started with prawns wrapped in pancetta, pork belly skewers with chillli dipping sauce, colcannon bites and bruschetta (gluten free obvs) topped with festive chutney and gouda. And apple martinis.

A light salad of courgette and mozarella and then on to the lobster. I topped it with a butter of pistachio and preserved lemon and served with crispy potato cakes. Pudding was lemon pannacotta with blueberries. Except I had rasperries because eugh, blueberries.

It was pretty good, if I may say so myself. And pretty easy.

And I had to list the whole menu so Kerry can look back this time next year and compare and contrast her favourite dishes.

I also included the croquembouche I made to take for a new years gathering with family today, because if I can't eat it I can at least appreciate it looked pretty right?

I'm looking forward to next years feast already.