Something that's irritating me right now beyond the patch of dry skin between my eyebrows , is the offence people cause when they suggest all little boys are badly behaved when compared with girl counterparts. 

Pah, shame on you for comparing my child/your child/anyone's child with another. Children are all different, they have good days and bad days and ear infections and stones in their shoes and really cranky mums and dads who turn their days into a complete downer sometimes.

I have children. I've taught a number of children, I've certainly had contact with thousands of children. And in observing that not too shabby sample size I can confirm boys are no more rambunctious than girls. They are not more dishonest, they are not more destructive, they do not find it 'harder' to behave well.

By contrast girls are not always quieter, more gentle, less aggressive or kinder. They're just not. And we're doing all our children a disservice by perpetuating these myths.

We all have parts to us others might label as 'good'. We all have parts of us we would prefer others didn't see as much of. Same with kids. I believe kids are all inherently good, it's usually the adults around them who often (unwittingly) set in motion the kind of behaviour we label as 'bad'.

I might venture to suggest that all too often the toys and activities and experiences we offer our male children might well encourage the kind of boisterous behaviour which might be called 'boyish'. By contrast we often encourage girls to undertake, quieter more creative and less physical pursuits.

Here's an idea, why not let our kids do what they want to. No need for gender specific toys just get some toys they enjoy and encourage them to be independent and creative, let them make a noise, let them run about and let them be free for a little while longer. Then perhaps 20 years from now there will be no pay gap,  no need for The Everyday Sexism project to exist and we'll all be busy doing what we want to do not what 'men' or 'women' should do.

So, the world is put to rights, what on earth do I do about the flaky skin problem?