Oh bother

Ever feel like you're swimming through treacle just to get through the day?

Just me?

Blogging is about as likely to happen as a face full of make up at the moment.

Happily all last week I thought I was nearly 26 weeks but I'm actually 27,now nearly 28. How cool, in maybe 11, 12 or 13 weeks our baby might be here! ( or 14 or 15 but let's not go there.....)

I'm planning a whole post about the ailments of mid to late stage pregnancy - the only thing holding me back is I can't think of a good title. 'Caroline moans incessantly' isn't quite catchy enough. I know most women find the experience of their baby moving around inside their tummy charming but when I'm still firmly on the puke train it frequently makes me feel even pukier.

So as you might imagine lots of people have asked me if we know if Baby 3 is a boy or a girl. I'm being very gracious when asked this question. Even when people say ' Well it doesn't matter, does it?' Meaning because we already have a boy and a girl

Only that's not the point is it? It doesn't matter because we are lucky enough to be adding another child to the mix. And that wouldn't be any less thrilling or wonderful if we had two boys or we had two girls.

I know I'm banging on about this again - read the first installment here - but it really gets my goat.

For the record my feeling is that this baby is a boy. I have no evidence for this, it's soley based on intuition. I 'guessed' the other two correctly so we'll see what happens this time around.

This is certainly my most active in utero baby, who seems to move and jump and twist and twirl all day. Perhaps he/she senses the constant activity of their siblings and just wants me to take notice?

We are in the process of planning some changes to our house so this baby will not have a nursery or room of their own when they arrive. Brodie and Grier were in with us for 6 months so I'm not feeling any pressure to have a room ready but I'm starting to think about where all the baby stuff is going to be stored in the short term.

Getting everything we need prepared and getting ready for - whisper it - Christmas is occupying my thoughts. Well that and eating as much macaroni cheese as I can. And soda water with lime, Not fresh lime mind, only the highly processed lime flavoured sugar syrup.

The other reason I haven't blogged in an age is because a blog post without photos is like soda water without heavily processed lime - pointless. And my camera is always too far away. My phone however takes photos, although a bit crap. Also if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't why the heck not? more top quality material over there) you'll have seen all of these before, oh lucky you. So please enjoy these poor quality not at all related to this post photographs:)

Sometimes the school run is just a bit too long without a wee rest.

Brodie wanted to make fondant fancies and I couldn't think of even one remotely good reason why not so we got our bake on. And we only go for full force e number riddled food colours in this house.

Thankfully tea parties allow me to lie on the floor........