What Grier says.....

The 'What Brodie Said' posts are some of my all time favourites. For now and forever.

Happily the spirit can continue with Grier because recently my girl has been comedy gold in that arena.


Grier sitting on the toilet while I wait patiently toilet roll in hand:

sings 'Little poo, little poo, little poo'. Hops off toilet and checks out the goods. 'Oh BIG poo. Actually Mummy my poo looks like a mouse'

Grier in the shower with her brother says in a very firm tone 'Brodie you must wash everywhere. Behind your ears, your tummy and even your bum bum'. Brodie sighs.

Whilst waiting up on the couch with me after she's supposed to be in bed. Points to Mary Berry 'Mummy, that lady would like my Granny' I ask why. 'Because everyone likes my Granny, in fact I even love my Granny'.

On getting up at 9pm to give me a tiny piece of wool she found somewhere so I can knit something, I question why she's now wearing bangles and necklaces which she definitely wasn't wearing on going to bed. 'Because I wanted to look beautiful just like you Mummy'

'I want to tell you a very sad story Mummy (very serious face)' Ok then. ' One day there was a little girl called Grier and her Mummy died (dramatic silence) but it was ok because she went to live with her Granny and then they bought her a new Mummy'.  Thanks Sweetcheeks.