The week that was

Apparently I'm now using Squarespace 7, which is replacing Squarespace 6 to bring you this blogging excellence:)

That's all very well but will it allow my readers to actually leave comments? Because I'm attention hungry and I like to eat blog comments for breakfast. I've had about a million twitter and email conversations as to why people are frequently unable to leave comments but the only answers I get are that perhaps my readers are using an outdated browser. So far, no big help. Rant sort of over.

The October holidays were really great. The kids were on fantastic form, we had a few days away, we had lots of time at home, I made Christmas cards, boom.

The baby and I are now fully vacccinated for flu 2014, tetanus, whooping cough and polio. I completely underestimated how painful having these would be, holy sore arms. I also am not anaemic nor do I have gestational diabetes and am hoping not to have to have any more blood taken until the bruises have faded and I can lift my arms above my head again.

I bought this for the baby, and I think it's just lovely. It was made by Hannah and I think it would make a lovely gift for a baby if you're on the look out.

Trains once more threaten to break my bones at every turn.......

We (I) showed those pumpkins who's boss. Grier washed her hands 361513 times to get rid of the pumpkin guts.

Girl meets chick

Boy meets meerkat

So apparently that's October done with. Gone. I know for a fact that a month from now I'll be lamenting over what happened to November.