All About Brodie

A few weeks ago Brodie had to give a talk to his primary 1 classmates which had the theme 'all about me'. His teacher encouraged him to bring items in a bag which were visual reminders of things he loves as he spoke. He was pretty enthusiastic about choosing his items and was excited about speaking to everyone.

I thought I'd record what he picked here, so we have a permanent record of what Brodie loves at 5 and 3/4 years old in November 2014.

A photo of us as a family of four. He told us he was going to say 'this is Greig, Caroline and Grier', which made us laugh.

He wanted to put his toy Orca in because he is still pretty passionate about sea creatures and he knows a lot about killer whales.

His swimming badges, because he is rightly proud of his achievements in the pool, our little fish.

His Iron Man book, because he loves the story and the illustrations in this edition are fantastic. We couldn't help but be a bit sentimental that this is a favourite of Greig's too.

And finally and most importantly his Lego Millenium Falcon. The Star Wars thing has been brewing for some time but has now taken full hold. The movies, the books, the games and oh the Lego. Santa if you're reading, this boy is desperate for a Star Wars lego to add to his collection.......