Things I've learned this week include don't be surprised when you ask your three year old if you look OK, her response might be,

'Yes you look OK but I look absolutely fabulous'.

Why yes you do darling, with cereal in your hair and wings on your back. Fabulous.

Grier came with me to the midwife this week. When we listened to the baby's strong heartbeat she responded with an ominous

'something's coming'

Yes darling, something is coming. I know you're going to love the thing dearly.

Everything went well with the midwife. I may only have one more appointment left as I'm not due to go back until nearly 37 weeks. Here's hoping.

Yesterday we went shopping nearby  and in the car and Brodie commented that he likes it best when all four of us (soon to be five) are together. Two or three people is ok he reasoned but it's best when we are all there. Which is pretty much how I feel too.

So today while Greig was at work we went to the adventure playpark and got coated with mud and ran around til our lungs were fit to burst. Well the kids did, I mostly waddled and lifted them on and off the flying fox. I felt so much better than I have for a few weeks, just pregnant not poorly, which I'm very glad to report is much more pleasant. I couldn't make it four of us but I could make it fun.

I feel like these last few weeks before 'something comes' are emotionally heightened. We are so used to functioning like this and things are going to be shaken up but I'm so excited to welcome the new baby into this wonderful family I am blessed to call my own. I mean just look at these faces!

And knitting is keeping me busy. This was for another little baby we heard had arrived. I know elf hats are ridiculous but if you're born at this time of year it sort of has to happen doesn't it?

Festiveness (real word alert) is definitely creeping up on us........