Seriously guys?

My sides hurt. Not from the weight of the bump but because I've been laughing so hard tears are running down my cheeks.

Today was that day. The day we attempt to take a photo of the kids to send to far flung and not so far flung relatives. It's always about a million times less succesful than I imagine it will be and always so, so funny. Seriously if you've ever thought the price professional photographers charge to shoot children was a bit steep, I'm sure they're worth every penny. It's really, really hard to get even two kids to look at the camera together. And this would be a good time to remember than next year I'm going to have to get three of the little angels coordinated.

Of the 200 photos I took. 150 were deleted straight away. I only kept the really good - about 2 - and the really bad - too many to mention, but some of funniest ever.

I had planned to take photos inside in front of our chalkboard wall but it was sunny so we ventured outside. Even in early afternoon the light was fading and I'm not happy with the colours in what I got but there is no room for perfectionism when taking photos of kids. Seriously guys, good enough will have to do.


And this is why you should never, ever tell young children to smile:)

And finally, finally this is the keeper.

Christmas 1.jpg

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