Pay Gap

So from today as highlighted by Grazia, if you are a woman and work full time you are working for free, such is the disparity between what male and female workers earn for the same job in the same place, the same hours, with the same qualifications and experience.

I don't know about you but I have a whole lot of Christmas to pay for and working for free is not going to help.

I remember clearly the day I had a conversation with my Dad after finding out about the Gender pay gap. This was probably nearly twenty years ago and I probably read about it somewhere and wanted to talk about it. I remember my Dad telling me that it couldn't possibly be true because legislation existed to ensure equality amongst the workforce as a whole and that it was not legal to discriminate on the basis of gender.

To be fair to my Dad, my burgeoning feminist beliefs  and keenly felt sense of injustice often had me ranting and raving on the verge of hysteria and he probably truly believed the Equal Pay Act 1970, did provide protection from discrimination. But the gap was real then and it's true now. Whatever the reasons the gender pay gap exists, it has actually widened this year.

And the fury my teenage self felt back then is multiplied now as I consider my female child and what this will mean for her. Not just in terms of the income she stands to lose over the course of her lifetime but the message this sends to her and other female children. Bascially you are worth less than your male counterpart. And what does that tell our male children?

There is of course the question of why the pay gap exists and what we should do to fix it. I'm pretty sure though there are people smart and bold enough to work it out. So let's work it out because it's deeply unfair and deeply damaging.

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