This Life

I'm not sure how I feel about this past week but I will tell you I'm very glad it's over.

We had a Norovirus outbreak which successfully spread to the grandparents but thankfully seems to be on the way out.

I had several meltdowns which may or may not be related to Norovirus, pregnancy hormones and Ed Sheeran.

Poor Grier threw up overnight in the wee hours of Friday morning. She perked up the next day and we thought it was just a one off.  We went guising (or trickle treating as Brodie says) to see Granny and Granda and she threw up there too. She started off as a sugarplum pink ballerina but ended up naked and miserable. Brodie had a ball with his Aunties who really pushed the boat out with the costumes - we expect nothing less:)

On Sunday Greig felt poorly, Grier felt poorly and I felt completely overwhelmed. Meltdown warning, high potential for snot and tears. Greig had to work and we muddled through at home as best we could.

It's taken us all a while to feel better, Brodie mercifully seems to have escaped without the sick. I have no idea whether I was just pregnant and overwhelmed. Ill and overwhelmed or pregnant, ill and overwhelmed but I feel much closer to my old self now. Until this morning when I had to delay going into school as I sat in the car whilst fat tears rolled down my cheeks listening to this song on the radio. I'm almost certain that part was pure hormones:)