So in the last few weeks my somewhat tenuous grip on reality has loosened. Just last week I called a friend who's been married for over a year by the wrong name, luckily she was very understanding but the whole thing brought to mind several exceptionally stupid things I've done over the past few weeks.

And because I love nothing more than sharing my stupidity with the internet......

The first incident occurred when Grier and I were getting ready to pick Brodie up. I fastened my maternity coat and bent down to fasten Grier's. And then I heard the zip on my coat making an unauthorised opening. Now the coat was fastened at the top and bottom of the zip but was completely open over the bump. And predictably I had a white t shirt underneath so the contrast between light and dark only served to highlight my predicament. I could not move the zip up or down, I could not wiggle my arms out and I actually even tried to get my legs of out the bump hole. I was completely flummoxed. And stuck. And due to pick Brodie up any minute. So I put on my hat and scarf and walked down the main street of our town towards the school with my bright, white tummy on show for the world to admire. Mortifying.

Next up was the morning I forgot to take keys on the school run. Luckily I'd left a window slightly ajar and luckily the garage was open so I was able to get the ladders out and climb through the window. At 7.5 months pregnant, elegant it was not. Grier sat outside on the wall, swinging her legs watching me with a mix of fascination and horror. Did I mention our house lies on the main street?

And this one is the very best. After work last week I went to buy milk and yoghurts and a few other bits. And as I put my card into the PIN machine I felt an overwhelming sense of panic as I realised I couldn't remember my PIN number. The very kind young man behind the till suggested I try another card. Only I couldn't remember any of my PIN numbers. Not one. And I still can't. Which is why the next day I had to make a tour of the banks we bank with and ask for new PIN numbers. It's like someone has completely wiped the area of my brain needed for PIN numbers. Gone, nothing left. Not even a hint.

So please I'm asking you from the bottom of my heart. Please will you share with me your stupidest moments? Of course I'm blaming pregnancy for mine, but feel free to chip in Dad!