This Life

So anyone else feel themselves hurtling towards Christmas at a startling rate? 

Brodie's festive programme has been packed this week - nativity play, parties, general overexposure to sugary foods and he has done so well. I'd mentally prepared to give him a lot more rope and he's surprised me at how wonderful he has been. Just the right side of fever pitch excitement with another level to be reached by the 24th no doubt.

And the Bellaboo? Well she's been poorly, unfortunately. More hand, foot and mouth we think which has made her miserable. But we are very grateful she's been sick this week and not next and hopefully by the time the guy in the red suit rolls around she'll be back to full fitness.

I finished up at work this week - it's nice to be done but I'll miss school and all the lovely people inside.

We're heading to Montrose this weekend for some time with our favourite Fake Aunties and I bagsy that I'm the most excited. I can't wait to see them and have a good catch up. What's everyone else up to?

my little bakers at work

you know you want one

poorly girl packed in lots of granny cuddles this week

my husband is the best ever.  he agreed to take some photos with me which involved me fannying about with remotes forever, complaining about lighting and making him do stupid poses. more to come.