This Life

The first week of Advent calendars has  been full of early starts:)

I'm doing December Daily again this year - and I have a new toy. With my birthday money I bought this nifty photo printer. I think I love it. It makes the whole process so much easier. Also means I have the motivation to take daily photos despite the dark evenings which is nice.

i'm not sure it's possible to wear any more pink.

the calendars - lego star wars and playmobil have been a massive hit

my school fair, grier was on sparkling form:) (Photo credit E  Ramsay)

this is my idea of preparation for childbirth. a cup of raspberry leaf tea a day. well it can't hurt?

all the octonauts bath toys in the bath all the time. it's their favourite game to play together by far.

brodie's Christmas correspondence is already more organised than mine

what can i say? they wanted to crack out the pj's on december the 4th. i can live with it:) thanks granny