So yesterday I dropped the ball, there was no this life post for the first time since May last year, because there are no photos.

On Tuesday as I was clearing up the kitchen after lunch I heard the sickening sound of something hitting the ground. Thankfully it was not a small child, but it was my lovely D7000 hitting the hardwood floor. I had played roulette one too many times and last. After her fall, the focus ring was clearly damaged. She's being repaired somewhere in Glasgow and will hopefully be as good as new in a couple of weeks. 

I'm always been a cavalier in my attitude towards my camera and the D40 survived a fair few knocks without any damage. I always have my camera close at hand because I don't often take orchestrated photographs - I like to capture things as they happen and kids move so fast you have to be ready. I've learned a lesson this week, not just that I need to be more careful where I lay my camera down but also how much having my camera around matters to me. I feel like I've missed so many moments and it's already been a few days. I had no idea that my way of looking at life was so closely linked to the photographs I should have, would have taken.

So that's first world problem number one. 

On Wednesday morning I was standing at the bathroom sink getting ready for the day. I reached into the bathroom cabinet and knocked a jar of cream into the sink. I picked up it and put it back and finished putting my token nursery run make up on (concealer for the circles, baby) and rinsed my hands running them around the sink as you do. What I didn't realise was that sink was cracked because I didn't have my glasses on and I sliced my finger open. 

The sink has been made safe but will need replaced at some point. At this point I'd like to thank the gods of bad luck for the sink breakage happening after the camera breakage because funds may have been diverted to sink replacement over camera repairs and that would suck.

Greig's Granny had a bad fall this week, breaking her hip and wrist. That's a real world problem for sure and we can't do much to help at the moment short  but the family are shaken up.

I'm finishing this week with head cold and I've just read this post back and I have no idea if it actually makes sense so forgive me. These are the last photos I took.

The white balance is hooey and the blue on blue with blue afternoon light makes them a bit blue. But meh, I'll take 'em.

So tell me how was your week?