Here's what you missed.....

Gluten free buttermilk pancakes

I'm the slowest knitter ever

My deep, deep love for Eddie Redmayne ('s shoes of course)

About a billion library books

Playdate with Sammy


Hours lost to the 'bubble' game on my notaniphone

Brodie discovers the SeaQuest novels, life will never be the same again

Brodie is introduced to 'Stingray', life will never be the same again

Birthday party planning (FIVE!!!)

It's funny how unless you record all the little details that seem so important at the time they just drift off, never to be seen again.

This month long unscheduled blog break has been illuminating. I love that I have this scrapbook of our stuff, the little stuff that means little to anyone except us. I miss people commenting on stuff we've done, telling me about stuff they've done.

I've missed my little ego driven corner of the interwebz. It's nice to be home.

And a wee reminder if you didn't catch my last post, might you take a look? I would love you to support the No More Page 3 campaign along with me, BFF's. Thanks!