Who's your favourite?

Me, Me!

Some kind person out there on the interwebz has nominated me for a MAD award. The awards are a big deal in the blogging world, although to be fair I hadn't heard of them 'til last year.

I've realised in the past few days that the only criteria for being nominated is having someone kind enough to send a nomination on your behalf and actually having a real life blog. Not so challenging then but still very lovely that someone took the time to type my blog name in a wee box and then sent it off with good wishes. I'm wearing my nomination with pride.

Of course if you felt so inclined you could nominate me in any of the other categories you felt were appropriate, (photography,crafty,writer?) and then I could wear a clutch of nominations with pride which wouldn't in the least be cheapened by the fact I actually asked you to nominate me..... You can do it here, you know if you wanted to.

Only a handful of nominees are chosen to compete for the actual awards but I always say dream big or go home. 

Who's my favourite? You guys of course, mwah