Let me count the ways

I wrote last week about how I was feeling about Brodie  turning five.

This is my blog and I can write 82 birthday posts if I want to so I'd like to record a few things about you at five Boyo.

Even though the video in that post is only 2.5 years old I had forgotten how you spoke then. the chubbiness of your cheeks had faded slightly in my memory although I remember the fierce love for you which filled my days, because it still does.

You are a wonderful, beguiling mix of innocence and worldly wise. You are scared of Scooby Doo but not sharks, cybersquids or evil professors.

You like nursery but still seem slightly unsure as to why you are actually there, although snack time is generally praised and you like the range of construction materials provided. You love singing and learning actions and sometimes we get treated to an impromptu performance.

Angry Birds, Seaquest novels, submarines, dinosaurs, swimming, fish husbandry, salt and vinegar crisps and Lego are your current passions.

Trains, whilst still appreciated by you, are no longer all consuming like they once where. I'm happy you are discovering new things and happy for you to lead, but I won't pretend I'm not a little sad not to see you playing with your track and telling magnificent stories as you go. 

Sometimes taking the higher ground and not whacking your sister back are frustratingly difficult but you are often patient and kind beyond your years. You are affectionate and thoughtful often. Getting your own way and being the boss are still important but sometimes they take a backseat for the greater good.

You are making friends and sharing jokes and games.

You can ride your bike unaided and still love running as fast as you can. You are asking lots of questions about football, who knows where that might lead. Your competitive spirit is burgeoning.

You still have such little feet - a size 8 (just), whilst Grier catches up at size 6.

Your intensity remains, you live life at a thousand miles an hour with running commentary as you go.

I couldn't love you any more,