Word of the Week

To be honest with you, I'm not sure I've really made progress with 'find' my one little word for the year, there's a long way to go though, so I'm not going to forget about it - yet.

But I am going to join in the Jocelyn at the The Reading Residence with her Word of the Week. 

Ruminating over a word for a whole year is harder than I thought it seems, but choosing a word to sum up our week seems eminently doable and a way to be thankful for my numerous blessings.



The better weather finally (briefly?) reached Scotland this week and it was glorious. We had a spring in our step on the nursery walk, sans winter woolies. We dug the garden and I began to imagine plans for what could be, what we could grow and the fun we'll have. There were pavement chalks, ice lollies on the front step and washing drying on the line.

I'm a winter person I think. I like being snug inside, I love snow, I like winter boots and winter smells but there's something lovely about opening all the windows wide and letting the springtime in. About shedding winter layers and watching the kids speak to every ladybird in the garden. One landed in Brodie's bucket so he put some sticks and stones and leaves inside so the ladybird would feel at home.  

Spring time means extra work outside and dare I say it 'spring cleaning'? But the extra daylight and warmer days make it all a bit more likely wouldn't you say? Or, alternatively, you could also just have a refresher ice lolly on the front step and call it done.

The Reading Residence