A Wonka Birthday

About a month ago Brodie announced that his birthday would be a Charlie and the Chocolate factory party. Fair enough.

Give me a theme and I'll run with it.

During the last week we've been busy making some decorations, purple 'W's to decorate the gates and door with, giant lollipops made from paper plates wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbons,  giant sweeties - balloons wrapped in cellophane. I think he enjoyed the build up as much as the day itself.

We played pass the parcel at the birthday boy's request and the young guest who was helping to play the music ensured Brodie won which was just lovely. Greig and I had already spoken at length about the politics of who should win but in the end it was taken out of our hands and Brodie was disproportionately happy to win a set of glow in the dark ceiling stars. We played some other party games and food and cake. As you do.

I'm planning posts on the cake and party bags later this week but suffice to say planning and making things to celebrate feels good. I felt very proud that Brodie wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and eat and play with him on his special day. He was so excited to dress up smartly and have his hair 'spiked'. Of course he was delighted that people kindly brought him gifts and he opened them all and said thanks and since the party finished has looked through them all and run his fingers over the pages on new books and delighted in new games. I think he was gracious and well mannered, as much as anyone can expect a nearly five year old hopped up on sugar to be.

I feel like I say this every time but our friends and family who celebrate so generously with us make my heart swell, they mean so much to me and they are the village who are raising this wonderful boy. Thank you.

The worst bit for the boy was waiting for the party to start. We started the fun at 11am which was perhaps unconventional but meant everyone was on top form for the main part and gave us plenty of time to wind down and play when it was all over. Good times.

Fizzy lifting drink, or lemonade to you and me.

Thank you for all those who contacted me yesterday about the MADS post, thank you, thank you.