A day in our life March 2014

This has the potential to be the most boring blog post ever. I first wrote up a day in our life over a year ago but I never posted it - it's still in my drafts folder because I like to read it and see how much our daily routine has changed in that time - but also remained the same in lots of ways. 

So feel free to skim the details, I won't mind, in fact I won't even know! But I'll be able to look back on this post from March 2014 and remember the rhythm of our days, the highs and lows, the ins and outs.

I could go on, but without further ado......

6.45am Brodie wakes, Grier wakes, they ambush us in the bed with their cold feet and Cheerio demands. Greig gets up to get the kids breakfast and I snuggle back in for another 20 minutes of bed.

7.05 Hear the coffee bean grinder and decide it's probably safe to get up. Greig has furnished the small children with cereal and has made me tea. 

7.10 It's our 9th wedding anniversary today so we exchange cards and presents, Whisky for him and a camera remote for me. We also have gifts from family which the kids open for us.

7.11am We think Grier's molars are coming throught because she goes from being happy to devastated in about 3 seconds. She makes the most of Daddy being home and settles in for a cuddle while he reads and finishes his coffee.

7.11 to 8am Brodie does his best playing in the morning. Uninterrupted he is busy, busy, busy. Making things happen. I almost feel bad for initiating the getting ready part of the morning. Greig has a shower, I put the breakfast things away, get Grier dressed and lay out Brodie's clothes. I may or may not have left the hair brushing for Greig to do when he gets out of the shower.....

8 - 8.20am I have a shower, slap on some slap, get dressed while the kids bounce on the bed and dry my hair. Despite trying to be a bit more 'together' in my daily outfits I believe myself to be failing miserably. T shirt, jeans and hoodie it is then. Grier gets busy drawing around her own hand. Brodie helps Greig to pack his lunch in his work bag. 

 8.25 Begin great shoes/jackets/random toy gathering that ensues whenever we leave the house. Quickly wipe kid's hands and faces and try to flatten Brodie's bed head. He asks for an apple.


8.29 Brodie bangs his head on our metal bed frame being a dinosaur. Suddenly massive purple egg appears on his forehead. Greig kisses everyone goodbye and heads off on his bike to the train station.


8.31 Brodie insists he is well enough to go to nursery. Brush our teeth and we get ready and pile into car. We walk nearly every morning but today I want to whizz to the shops with Grier after we drop the boy off.

8.55 Walk Brodie into nursery, explain about giant purple egg, Grier and I get back in car and head to the shops. Get buggy out of boot, Grier tells me she will walk. I know her better than that and after about 30 seconds she asks to get in the buggy. Every. Single.Time.

9.10am We have a birthday present bought in the first 5 minutes, get some chemist stuff, head to m and s for pears (a long story). Buy some chocolate mini eggs which make an appearance at lunch time. Realise we don't need to rush so let Grier check out the books, toys and pretty sparkly things.

9.35am Grier is back in the buggy with Teddy and asks for a snack. She has a banana and I have a nectarine as we head back to the car. Have a look in Topshop, feel old. Load girl and buggy back in car and head home.

10-10.50 am Make a cup of tea to drink while I hoover the wooden floors and steam mop. Grier asks for some telly. I switch it on because she never gets to choose the channel but she spends nearly 20 minutes moving around coins with a knitting needle. Then she draws and we do a puzzle while I drink my cold tea.

11.10 am We walk to nursery and pick Brodie up. He's happy and chatty and eats a nectarine. Grier takes an empty lego box with her, no idea why. We chat on the way home and Grier asks to hold Brodie's hand, which he kindly does.

11.15am At home Brodie puts his shoes away and hangs his coat up. Grier sort of helps. Brodie asks if he can watch that days Octonauts. The kids watch it on their bean bags. I empty washing machine and put another load in. I make the kids lunch, including some of the chocolate mini eggs we bought.

11.45 They eat their lunch at the kitchen table. Grier eats her mini eggs first which takes forever as she sucks all the colour off, breaks the shell and licks out the chocolate. Thankfully she eats almost everything else. Brodie eats everything plus half a banana left over from this morning. I check Twitter, read emails. Send texts.

12.15 Brodie plays with his Angry Birds toys. Grier tootles about in her room talking to Simba. I hoover the living room and once more whizz around with the steam mop. Grier asks me to play with her dolls house and then we do another puzzle

12.50 Toilet stop, 3 books read and then a nap for Grier. Brodie asks some of his Angry Birds Annual which we do. Then he asks for 5 minutes of screen time on the Cbeebies website.

12.55 I start ironing and Brodie plays with Duplo. I put TV on to watch the lunchtime news. 

1.30pm Ironing put away I sit down to knit for half an hour. Brodie asks to watch  'The Oarfish' on YouTube. We put his headphones on so I can listen to the radio.

2pm I eat some yoghurt with cherries and hummous and carrot sticks. And 2 cups of tea obvs. Brodie has some apple fruit rolls

2.10 pm We read some SeaQuest. Brodie is obsessed with these little novels but we're trying to ration them out so they last longer. Pretty sure he can read at least some of the words on the page but he's not for letting on.

2.30 pm Back to Angry Birds. This time I have to build a fighter vehicle and we have a race. Or six. I suggest a puzzle or game or another toy but no Angry Birds it is.

2.50pm Sit down with cup of tea and look up to see little bed headed curly girl through glass doors. Some days she shouts from her cot to get up and some days she just hops out and wanders through. She takes a while to wake up and almost always wants to cuddle for a while.

3.15pm Brodie gets out the shopping list game and we play a couple of rounds. Grier does very well to wait for her turn so we make a big fuss of her. Brodie wins every game.

3.35pm Grier goes to play in her kitchen and Brodie tidies the game away with minimal threats. There is a slight altercation when Grier tries to force feed Brodie a plastic vegetable dinner. Then there is some argy bargy over the chalk. Time for a snack. 

3.45 Crackers and slices of pear do the trick. Put dishwasher on and empty washing machine. I have some delicious (not really) wheat free digestive biscuits.

4 pm I start to make the cherry tomato sauce I am planning for the kids dinner. Grier helps to pop off the skins and squeeze out the puree. I'm planning to chop up leftover burgers from last night and christen them meatballs and serve with pasta shells.

4.15pm Brodie asks for more screentime. For some reason Grier is happy to sit and watch as he plays so they are content for 10 mins:) I check twitter and instagram and tweet a link to todays blog post.

4.30pm Dinner will be ready soon. Go outside to check tumble dryer. Realise B and G are coming too. We check the vegetable patch - we haven't planted anything yet but we check the worms and ladybirds. Brodie wants to have a few races which we do. Grier decides it's too windy for her. She tries to bring her mucky spade in but I intervene. Cue many, many tears. 

4.50 Grier lays out the cutlery and cups. I put dinner on the table. Brodie complains about dinner. Grier declares it yummy because Brodie is complaining. Brodie talks so much he forgets he didn't want to eat dinner, eats lots and asks for more meatballs. Foiled.

They have 2 yoghurts each and Grier asks for grapes.

5.20pm Brodie carries dirty dishes over to the worktop. I unload the dishwasher and reload with Grier's help. Knives are sharp she tells me

5.30pm I'm working tomorrow so I lay out clothes for both kids to make our morning easier. Also pick up pyjamas and put Hurricane Grier's covers back in her cot for later.

5.45pm  A knock at the door. Nana and Grandad have dropped in to see us!  A lovely surprise. Brodie asks for the rest of his screentime for that day which is extended while I make my Dad and Lesley a cup of tea and we chat while Grier watches Brodie and asks Nana to read books.

6.45pm Nana and Grandad leave in a flurry of kisses and cuddles. Pyjamas on, faces washed, teeth brushed. Grier has 2 books before bed, then Brodie has two more SeaQuest chapters. Multiple drinks of water and 'just one more cuddles'. 

7.10pm Close Brodie's bedroom door. (A little) sigh of relief, another day done. 

7.15pm Cup of tea, couch, quiet

7.20pm Check blog stats, start writing this post. Download photos. Swap clothes into the dryer. 

7.50pm Start making dinner for the grown ups. Have contaminated my delicious cherry tomato sauce with the faux meatballs which have wheat in them so save that for Greig. Make spanish rice type meal using chorizo and random limp vegetables. Doesn't taste too bad. Realise it's our 9th wedding anniversary and I probably should have made a bit more effort . Ah well, there's always next year, right?

8.10pm Consider doing more ironing. Decide that is madness.

8.15pm Greig is home. Give him rundown of our day which is probably even less interesting than this blog post:) Eat dinner. Watch TV. Knit. Read a bit of book. 

9.50pm Greig pours a couple of drams. We toast 9 years.

10.15pm Teeth brushed, read in bed. Sleep like proverbial log............

If you made it this far, I salute you. You can have 100 points.