This Life

i wonder if i could cope with a fake chicken? but no eggs, so that would be pointless......

angel with a dirty face

playing outside is our fave

greig made pizza with the kids. brodie's half on the left has no tomato sauce and grier's on the right has everything.

also takes rhubarb crumble eating very seriously. i think she detects notes of caramel and fizzy sparkles

bubble hat?

just chillin'

mums need snacks too

for months i've purposely ignored this book in the library, because you know, gwyneth is a bit worthy, but on wednesday i took it out - i hear gwyneth does a good gluten free recipe. i ate a wispa when i was flicking through it (so ungwyneth like) and then her 'conscious uncoupling' popped up in my twitter feed. forget the curse of hello - what about the curse of the wispa?

i've been waiting all my life for the cleaning fairy to show up, but to be honest her work was a bit shonky

the trains are back......