I'm going to take photographs of a dear friends baby on Friday and I'm a little excited. Excited to hold a brand new baby which is always good and I'm really hoping to get some good shots for my friend and hopefully capture some of the things I wish someone had photgraphed for me with my newborns.

I had a few things I wanted to test out so after lunch today I rigged up the least professional photo set up ever seen. I hung up a piece of black velvet in the bathroom and plonked Grier on the floor in front of it. And for some reason I asked her to say 'ahh' (I've no idea why I said that either). Then we did some reaching up high and twirling. Again I have no idea why. I think I need to work on that. The background worked well - when Grier was actually in front of it. The white balance is a little off - the photos look blueish because of the super white bathroom walls I think, but not terrible.

Of course it wasn't too long before Brodie wanted to join in - despite not wanting anything to do with me a few minutes before. Then they both wanted to be in the frame.

Brodie wanted to use my remote control because he thinks it's great fun, so we all sort of, got in the shot. Of course Grier wanted to press the button and then it all went a bit wrong as they wrestled over it.

I bought a reflector to use in portrait situations to boost light when I don't want to use my speedlite and Brodie let me try it out while he selfied his heart out.

Look at those catchlights!

And it's always best to know when to call it a day.....