This Life

So weirdly, deciding on a whim to makeover your blog on a random Tuesday night is not as good an idea as it seemed at the time. I'm still not sure if I like it this way or not so I haven't installed all the necessary widgets for twitter, feedburner etc so forgive the somewhat sparse look. It sort of looks like the blog has been burgled. Also I'm really need to take some updated photographs of me - apparently readers like that kind of thing - I have no idea why. It's not enough for me to be witty and entertaining I have to look attractive too? Tall order, internet, tall order.

Luckily though I am unable to not take many, many photographs of other things which I will share here.

I give you mid early to mid May 2014, enjoy.

Also, any bright ideas for an updated blog layout. At this point, all and any ideas gratefully recieved. Anything you like or don't? Anything you think I should adopt? Do you dig the minimal approach? If you feel the need please press the like button, it's fun:)

egg of duck

beanbag stuffin'

we hit up the farm open day. in retrospect B wasn't so well but we did manage an ice cream and a tractor ride.

the circles of doom

lots of dinosaur books

greig and grier did a great job decorating granny's birthday cake. as much as I know she appreciated the sentiment i wish i could find a way of making a dairy and gluten free cake which doesn't taste terrible. there's always next year..........