This Life

We end this week with a sick boy. We think Brodie has the bug Grier had last week. He's hot and tired and lethargic and has a sore throat and is not eating much at all. I'm hoping he'll feel better tomorrow.

It's been a week of highs and lows, sunshine and rain, laughter and tears. I've been knitting frantically which is usually a sign something is not quite right. I have that strange can't quite settle feeling, which is not like me. Ho hum, on we go.

skinny malink can still fit in the little swings. which means he can be sent skywards in safety laughing like a maniac. the best sound in the world?

also this girl wearing a back to front reindeer hat in april.

we are laughing at brodie's remote skills. he took about 200 shots identical to this. only some have a dog in the background.

days warm enough for sunhats and picnics followed by days characterised by me sneaking the heating on at 2 in the afternoon. what? it was chilly.....

frantic front step knitting

grier watering the daisies and the dandelions. sigh.

is the purchase of three new pairs of shoes in a week excessive? if you answered yes we probably are no longer friends, friend. Also check my sweat marked birkies. this is why they are not for sharing. and pamela, these are all very supportive, honest.

i've had a few early nights tucked in with this book. i don't mean to be dramatic but it's sort of blowing my mind. i will be requiring friends and family members read it stat so i can chat about it with you. recently retired father, you're first on my list.