Last month I packed my camera bag with spare batteries, my external flash, reflector, lenses and camera obviously and headed out. I was pretty nervous about not messing this one up.

My good friend had Pamela asked me to take some photographs of her business which she could use on her website. She is the owner of a trio of local podiatry clinics and her and her staff can help you with routine footcare or any foot problems you might have. She can also help with biomechanical assessments. She solved my heel pain with some orthotics so I can vouch for her talent, honest!

I got to meet her staff who are all very welcoming and I imagine would put people at ease straight away. The clinics are all bright and pleasant with parking and ease of access. I'm pretty sure most of us overlook our feet and their health and perhaps you could do with some maintenance? You should get in touch with Pamela and make an appointment to see a podiatrist in Broxburn, Livingston or Whitburn or arrange a home visit. You can even book online - which is my favourite way to book anything.

When I looked back over the photos I was disappointed at some things I missed or failed to capture well. In fact I kind of wished I could do it all over again with hindsight. The lighting was slightly different in each location and the photos don't gel as a set to me but this was a steep learning curve and I couldn't have spent the afternoon with a nicer bunch of ladies!

instep 3.jpg

I'm never not impressed when I see Pamela in action. We've been friends since childhood and to me she's just Pamela but seeing her as a dynamic business owner (and working mother) bowls me over. And yes she manages to make scrubs look good!