(Not) getting stuff done

Hey delivery man, would you like to not ring the doorbell AFTER bedtime to deliver rollerskates for a nearly three year old who lives here? Because the nearly birthday girl needs no excuse to get her booty out of bed to investigate a 'noisy noise'. Why thank you. Without further ado, the next in my retrospective (whiny) posts.


(Written May 21st 2014)

So this early pregnancy stuff pretty much renders me useless.

I mean not completely. Children are fed and watered and snuggled. House is barely held together at the dusty seams. I save a good portion of my limited evening energy to converse with my husband lest he think I've completely lost it.

But I'm not my usual self. I normally live life with a rolling list of to do's in my head. They might be knitting things or sewing things or random things I'd like to make or do things. But when growing a human I just lose all interest in anything other than sleeping and/or trying not to be sick.

I know this is just a stage and the flipside is that when my mojo does come back I'll be a whirling dervish or getting stuff done all over the place. But I can't help feel a bit like an empty vessel which is ironic when I've got a stowaway on board.

Update 27th August

So it appears I'm still not getting much done. I was waiting for the amazing burst of second trimester energy but it's not happening like it did the last time and the time before that. I'm really having a hard time keeping going all day. Some days are better than others, some days I feel completely useless. I have no urge to make anything really which is weird. I'm struggling to read a book, watch a movie, follow a conversation.

Is it just the cumulative effect of a third pregnancy? Not enough spinach? Too much steam mopping? I'm sort of coming to the realisation that I might not feel 'like myself' until some time in 2015 and I think I'm ok with that.

But flow forth with your advice and tips for feeling more energetic. Unless that includes eating bananas, in which case we can no longer be friends. Thanks.