This Life

The littles have been on form this week. Even if Brodie has had a chest infection and Grier ends the week with streaming eyes, streaming nose, streaming everything.

Brodie told me they watched 'Woolly and the Dog' at nursery. Actually Mummy maybe it was 'Beauty and the Beast'. Right then.

I was chatting with Grier about grandmothers. I explained mine had sadly died. She was very concerned and asked if my Nana had pricked her finger on a spinning wheel.

These children of mine reside in an actual Disney fairytale.


the kelpies did not disappoint

tiny girl included for scale purposes


greig has upped his ponytail game. i'm impressed

wand. wings. breakfast

brodie's verdict on the taste of his medicine? lemons and toilet paper

brodie had no appetite for dinner but he did agree to scooch round beside grier and keep her company while she ate hers. my heart bursts for this boy.