This Life

This summer weather is really messing with my blogging schedule. We've swapped the sofa for rampaging around the garden and/or park and normally without my heavy camera in tow. It's a busy time at school with evening events so that's my excuse. Not that there hasn't been a lot going on - we've been really busy, just too busy to document it all in contrast to the rainy March afternoons which I know are recorded in excruciatingly minute detail somewhere on this blog....... So Caroline of the future, June 2014 was great, I just forgot to write about it, m'kay?

Tonight for dinner I made sweet potato and quinoa cakes. I sulked as I cut up the 74 (at least) ingredients needed to make them thinking I probably wouldn't even like them when I was done. But I was the picture of smugness an hour later as I was wolfing it down - delicious. The recipe is from this book. Greig got a copy a few months ago and gently suggested I give it to someone who can eat wheat - what with it containing many, many glutenous recipes. But I wanted to keep it because it was pretty. I recently dug it back out again and used the empire biscuit recipe to make some for the nursery bake sale which turned out well. I've since made quite a few recipes which have all been big success stories which is nice. Totally worth all that chopping, would recommend.

the concentration tongue is strong with this one

the graduate

grier photobombed every time I tried to get brodie on his own.......he looks happy enough:)

the boys had a blast at the safari park

I used blackboard paint to paint a cheap terracotta pot, which brodie signed and then popped a plant in. wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon. thank you gift for teacher done. i would love one of these

the old lady who swallowed a fly for the bajillionth time

we've been eating mishapen, delicious strawberries from the garden for a few weeks

and the kids had their first ripe raspberries today. i suspect we'll be able to offer pick your own in a few weeks as there are thousands of these beauties......

the bees love these flowers