This Life

Brodie had his taster morning in Primary 1. I completely held it together and was only *slightly* misty eyed on one occasion. He handled it all beautifully but was exhausted in the afternoon which might give us an insight into how tired he might be come August. That'll be fun, who wants to come and hold my hand? Only for a month or so I reckon.......

Grier has had a busy week of telling everyone she met that she has no dressing gown, or lunchbox. She doesn't have a bike with pedals either. Poor little mite.

We watched the last ever episode of The Sopranos. I'm still working out my feelings on that.

bubbles for days

sandals for everyone

brodie watched a movie in his bedroom. who is this teenager?

this is going to end in tears isn't it?

I made gluten free brownies and macaroons to take into school on my birthday. Brodie was devastated that I disappeared with the tupperwares containing his beloved sweet things.

the team made me a delicious birthday dinner of steak and flourless chocolate cake. loved it all. my first gluten free birthday was filled with cake, you wouldn't have believed it. i was thoroughly spoiled and i appreciated every single second. thank you all. mwah.