Whitby part 2

And there's more.....

We spent a couple of evenings in the children's play park in Pannett Park. It's  in the grounds of the Whitby Museum which would probably have been fabulous but you know park vs museum, duh. Maybe when they're bigger......?

The park is brilliant. Ocean themed and with lots to keep the kids busy. My favourite bit was Grier telling a group of teen boys to be quiet and get out of her way, which they did obvs. Grier the fierce.

That my friends is the Bark Endeavour. A 40% sized replica of Captain Cook's Endeavour. It was the only boat Brodie wanted to go on and he was not disappointed. Grier was less impressed. And I wasn't sick. Hooray.

She pretty much maintained this position for the whole journey, I was shocked. For comparison this is while the boat was in harbour.

I'm nearly finished, honest. Tomorrow we'll do 'Mingo land and the last bits of Whiby.